Protect your loved ones from the stress of unpaid final expenses.

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Easy application process

Our application process is simple and straightforward, so you can become a funeral assistance member quickly and easily.

Peace of mind for your loved ones

With our funeral assistance membership plans, you can rest easy knowing that your passing won't leave your family with a financial burden.

Affordable options

We offer very affordable funeral assistance membership plans, so you can find the right plan for your needs without breaking the bank.

Expert guidance and support

Our team of membership experts is always available to answer your questions and provide support throughout the process.

Funeral Assistance Membership

Funeral expense membership is designed to cover the standard costs associated with a person’s funeral. It is not life insurance, or any type of insurance product.

All you have to do is provide the funeral home contact information and the entire funeral process is handled for you.

Funeral assistance membership is often recommended for seniors or individuals who may not have enough savings to cover their funeral expenses.

The cost of funeral assistance membership on average is from $60 to $75 per month. This cost can cover a couple, or a group of family/friends up to seven people.


Funeral assistance membership allows for standard funeral coverage for up to seven people, at about the same cost to cover one person with final expense insurance policy.

Funeral assistance membership does not pay out any money, as does a final expense insurance policy. It only provides for the funeral services.

No medical exam is required for funeral assistance membership.

Yes, it is possible to purchase a funeral assistance membership even if you have pre-existing medical conditions. The only pre existing conditions that prevent you from obtaining a membership would be a diagnosis of cancer, brain tumor, and dialysis.

No, funeral assistance membership benefits are typically not subject to income tax.

Once you become a funeral assistance member, as long as your membership dues are paid in full, you cannot outlive your funeral assistance membership.

The Family Membership protects up to 7 people between the ages of 0 and 65. You can add two family members up to 80 years old on this plan.

The Silver Membership protects people between the ages of 66 and 75.

There are two funeral assistance membership plans to choose from.

The Family Membership protects up to 7 people between the ages of 0 and 65. They do not have to be family members. You can add two family members over the age of 65, up to 80 years old on this plan.

The Silver Membership protects people between the ages of 66 and 75.

No medical exam is required.

To apply for funeral assistance membership you must be able to provide the name, birth date, city/state of everyone that you want to include in either the Family or Silver plan.

A Zoom call is scheduled to review the membership plans benefits and limitations. 

Payment is done during the Zoom call with two factor authorization with your phone number/email. 

Payments can be made with checking account or credit card.



Hear From Our Clients

Pilar Cadena@username
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In July 2020, my mother passed away, and fortunately, we had Assure for Life’s funeral service. It was a great help to us during such a difficult time. The funeral home we chose was the best; they treated us with so much love, and the entire service was exceptional. I highly recommend it 100%.
Donneth Wetherburn
Donneth Wetherburn@username
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On behalf of Mabel White’s family in Jamaica. I would like to express my gratitude to Assure for Life for their great service. This family plan was purchased in Florida, however, my mom resided in Jamaica. After her passing, I contacted Assure for Life. I called the wrong number, but luckily I was directed to call the emergency number. From the moment Mr. Murillo and I started talking, I felt that I had made the best decision for my family. He was courteous, patient, and very knowledgeable about the service and benefits. He and Assure for Life alleviated all the concerns and anxiety I felt, allowing me to focus on my family. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone and anyone. Thank you again to everyone!
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez@username
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This is one of the best companies, offering high-quality, compassionate service during the most difficult times when we need help the most, both financially and emotionally!
G W Smikle
G W Smikle@username
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Unfortunately, my older sister passed away 2 months ago. We had the plan for over 18 months along with a life insurance policy for her. The night she passed away, I made a call to the emergency number provided. That was the only call I had to make to get things in motion. The gentleman was kind and reassuring. The following day, I made a follow up call, and again, the lady I spoke with was equally kind and told me that they would take care of everything after I provided our funeral director’s name. That was it . No more calls. My sister got a nice coffin. The funeral director did a great job, and we did not have to pay a cent for all of this. The only things we paid for were the cemetery plot and flowers. You rarely find this level of service from companies that have to pay out money. In fact, they acted much more promptly than the life insurance company. I am leaving this review because I am grateful for the way they handled our case. I can only hope that others have the same experience. The death of a family member is a very tough time for everyone.
Monica Ocampo
Monica Ocampo@username
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I am an agent and purchased the Assure plan. My mom passed away, and I was disoriented, but I called Assure For Life on a holiday Monday, and they aswered; the service was incredible. When I went to sign papers at the funeral, they asked me how I was going to pay; I was new didn’t know anything about Assure. She told me they don’t’ accept insurance because it takes 30 days for insurance to pay, and they need the money as soon as possible. The next day, Assure sent them a check to cover everything. Moreover, they took care of everything in the funeral part; I only had to buy the flowers. I thank God for this plan, and I am proud to offer it to my clients. Thank you so much Assure For Life. I had an excellent experience. I recommend it 100 percent.

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